Sr. Chu, a modern attitude in front of tradition
Sr. Chu, a modern attitude in front of tradition.

How to decontextualize a popular product from the collective imaginary? How to bring a traditional product to a young audience? How to present a vernacular essence in a current context? These are questions by which Mr. Chu arises from. A personal project that explores the idea of launching a «churrería», a local and traditional business located in Madrid, to a new customer segment, and also a product adapted to the delivery platforms that are in constant demand.

The concept makes a wink to Valle Inclán’s Madrid, who coined the name «buñolería modernista» to these novel places in The concept winks Valle Inclan’s Madrid who coined the name of «buñolería modernista» to these innovative and local businesses along his work and books. At the same time the dispute over the invention of the churro is represented. If it belongs to ancient China is linked to the process of naming and positioning of the brand.

The result is a visual identity with illustration as the core of a visual system which opts for an organic, hand-drawn style together with a thoughtful and coherent typographic choice. All they form a fun and warm branding visual language. The brand’s lexical universe involves bringing young audiences to reach a brand designed for them. At the same time it reflects the “modernist” environment of Valle Inclan’s work.

Folio photography by: A Lajara. Lara MM.
Scope: Visual concept, Visual identity, Art direction, Typography, Illustration, Print, Digital, Poster, Retail
Candela, return tradition with a custom type identity
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