Ocal, a range of mountain ciders
Ocal, a range of mountain ciders.

Bodegas Ocal produces auteur ciders in small batches by means of organic farming at 2000 meters above sea level in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. A place characterized by the cold climate at this altitude with cobbled paths that requires the collection of wild apples (prunus malus) the help of mules. The soil clods that surrounds this production is unique which makes its elaboration extremely strict and respectful to nature.

The concept involves the representation of each of these inherent particularities to the product and its preparation in a lexical and visual way. Discourse is designed to be a variable container regardless of time. Each cider variety receives as its naming a stone simile that refers to the stone pavement and it is visually accompanied by unique organic shapes extracted from it. In the same line the colour palette varies and makes the different references to the climate of the location.

Folio photography by: A Lajara.
Scope: Visual concept, Visual identity, Branding, Packaging, Labeling, Print, Retail
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