Raising awareness of invisible gender roles
Laus Awards '20 — 2019
Raising awareness of invisible gender roles.

Who defines our daily dress code? Who decides how our close future will look like? Which role should I play in society? These are just a few of the presented questions in “Invisibles”: an editorial piece that makes gender stereotypes preconceptions visible to break them into a critical, social and didactical analysis. In essence all these concepts are perpetuated realities.

Main concept underlays in visualizing the problems that comes from gender role definitions during a journey through the different stages of life. In a didactical way, along this piece designed with different die-cuts the reader will decompose reality into divided images as the result of the usage of the collage technique. “Invisibles” is a limited edition with various sizes, one ink printed out on demand. The absence of colour and its rich typographic language makes this piece extraordinary harsh critical with its main message.

Bronze Laus Award 2020. Entire book.

Folio photography by: A Lajara. Lara MM.
Scope: Visual concept, Art direction, Editorial, Print, Production
Maares, letting the materials talking