Black and white artwork for Antipiano Vol.1
ADC*E '22 - Laus Awards '22 — 2021
Black and white artwork for Antipiano Vol.1.

We designed and develop an unusual mandatory physical format is proposed to publicise the launch of the new musical work in traditional press. The context is a statement of intent and criticism towards the use of streaming media.

The analog single format and promotional character of a Flexi Disc is revived. The concept to the printed media is graphically transferred. A physical format is created to serve the public as a prelude and access to the digital experience. The sensations perceived when listening to an analogical musical work are simulated. Without renouncing new technologies out of streaming platforms.

A disruptive design for a different group like Mister Marshall. You can see the project on

Silver Laus Award 2022. Inmersive Experience.
Bronze ADC*E 2022. Digital design.

Folio photography by: A Lajara & Lara MM.
Scope: Visual concept, Art Direction, Web, Animation, Code, Print, Promotional
Raising awareness of invisible gender roles
Laus Awards '20 — 2019